Rancho Grande - Burleson Design Group, the Hill Country Architect


By Mary Webb.

Photography by Cole Hairston.

Creating an interior scheme in a particular style or look will make your home an extension of your personality without compromising the functionality of the space.

Tex-Mex flavor:  A love of all things Mexican was the inspiration for this hacienda-style home.

The successful creation of a particular interior style is usually the culmination of a personal interest in the subject, plus research and commitment.

Architect Rick Burleson was asked by the owners to reflect their interest in Mexican history, art and lifestyle.  The owners had read many books on haciendas and had a collection of Mexican art and artifacts.

"We wanted the kitchen - and the whole house - to look like the interior of a 1600s Mexican hacienda, but with modern facilities," says one of the owners.

Burleson responded to the owners' wish-list by designing the kitchen in an alcove off one end of the great room, with a long island open to the larger space.  "The resulting kitchen is very functional and uses space efficiently," he says.

The long island, with its brightly colored, tiled top, contains the sink and faces the great room, while cabinets, range and cooktop are on the back wall.  The refrigerator, with additional cabinetry, is located on one side.  Most storage in the kitchen is, in the classic Mexican style, on open shelves and in little wall niches.  Recycled barnwood beams were used for the supports on the island, and legs on the dining table are in the same wood.

"A particular convenient feature is the large 6ft x 8ft pantry.  It is accessed through two doors, one from the kitchen and a second from the hall leading to the garage, allowing groceries to be put into it directly," says the architect.

With no visual barriers between the kitchen, dining and living spaces, the whole area flows together easily.

"When you are cooking, you never feel alone in the kitchen, and guests and family can be part of the experience," says one of the owners.

The shaped and plastered finish on the ventilation hood is repeated on the fireplace in the great room, and the walls are also plastered, emphasizing the sense of being in one large, open space.

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