Clients desired to expand the functionality of their homestead by adding a space for exercise, relaxation and entertainment. The property include a 1950’s era home nestled among large oak trees, presenting a challenge to the idea of expanding the existing structure. After much consideration, we decided to build a freestanding structure in an existing clearing.

The Pavilion is comprised of two discreet components connected by a screened porch. This configuration allowed each client to direct the design of a portion of the project. She directed the design of the Gym, which includes workout space, a sauna and a luxurious shower. He directed the design of the Lounge – a large open space for TV, music, reading and relaxation. The two elements are joined by the Screened Porch, with a spa and a cold plunge tub, designed to capture flow through breezes.

Exterior materials include corrugated paint grip metal siding. D’Hanis clay brick veneer, and standing seam metal roofing. A 3-KW solar array is mounted on the rooftop.

Interior finishes include cork flooring at the Gym, honed concrete flooring at the Lounge, and a custom built limestone sink set into a spalted pecan countertop at the sauna. Tongue and groove pine ceilings cover all three spaces. A zinc countertop was installed in the Screened Porch. The loft overlooking the Gym features tatami mat flooring placed in the classic auspicious manner.

HVAC is provided by two mini-split systems and a wood-burning stove.

• Conditioned Space:  1,455 sq. ft.
• Covered Space:  3,700 sq. ft.

• Photography:  Dror Balding AIA

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